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Welcome to the new Heritage Park HOA website, which provides community information and helpful links for our residents and interested visitors. You may click on the links on the left to access important documents and forms, contact information, and other useful resources. 
~ Community News ~
Board Meeting Updates
Posted on Sep 11th, 2020
Community updates from September Board meeting:
  • Pink paint - the county placed a coating on top of the pink paint and has closed out the ticket, as they now consider it an “aesthetic” issue and not a safety concern. The Board, along with homeowners and management, is reaching back out to the county for permission to explore additional options for beautification of the affected areas. Should any new information become available, it will be communicated here. Thank you for your patience while we continue to work through this unique situation.
  • The MRTA has been signed and will be recorded with Hillsborough County Clerk of Courts. Once this has been completed, all homeowners will receive a copy. This will preserve the Governing Documents and preservation will not be required again until 2050.
Benefits and Use of Mulch
Posted on May 4th, 2020
Click here to read more about the benefits and use of mulch in landscape areas, as well as where you can buy mulch from the county. 
Water Conservation Reminders
Posted on Feb 25th, 2020
Hillsborough County is reminding homeowners to follow lawn watering schedules and to use other water conservation tips. Click here to read their recommendations. 
Online Form for County Related Concerns
Posted on Jan 5th, 2020
Hillsborough County has an online form to report concerns related to county issues such as animals, code violations, flooding, sidewalk and street problems, trash and recycling, and more. These are issues not covered by our HOA governing documents and require county enforcement action. Click here to visit the new website for more information. The link has also been added on our "Local Info" page.
Community Entrance
Posted on Dec 10th, 2019
Our property management company is working with the BSTD to get the front entrance addressed. Check back for more updates as they become available. 
Helpful Links for Community Issues
Posted on Aug 15th, 2019
Hillsborough County and HCSO have resources to help residents deal with issues that are not covered by your HOA and property management team. Some examples include civil nuisances (such as noise or inadequate pet maintenance), criminal matters, trespassing, traffic matters, parking of vehicles on county-owned roads, etc., which must be addressed with the appropriate county agencies. Click here to learn more about these helpful resources. 

~ Upcoming Events ~
HOA Annual Meeting
Thursday, March 25th
The Annual HOA Meeting will be held Thursday, March 25, 2021, at 6:00 pm at the Bloomingdale Regional Library, 1906 Bloomingdale Ave., Valrico. All homeowners will receive a mailing and proxy prior to the meeting to vote for HOA board members. If you cannot attend this important annual meeting in person, please complete and return your signed proxy prior to the meeting. (Meeting subject to change with notice.) 


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