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Board & Committees
The Heritage Park Board of Directors is comprised of three elected members (President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer) in accordance with our governing documents. The Board meets semi-annually with the annual meeting of the membership in February, currently held at Bloomingdale Regional Public Library. Details are posted at the community entrance at least 48 hours in advance and homeowners are notified via mail of the annual meeting. The Board encourages all members to attend these meetings. Additionally, any member who wishes to have a item or guest speaker placed on the agenda for an upcoming meeting should contact McNeil Management at management@mcneilmsi.com or by phone at (813) 571-7100.
All board and committee meetings are open to the membership, posted in advance as in accordance with the law, and follow Roberts Rules Of Order. Please familiarize yourselves with this procedure and conduct yourselves accordingly. Owners are permitted three minutes of speaking at the conclusion of the board's or committee's business if they wish to make a statement, or have a comment, as time allows.
Association business can only be conducted at a meeting where there is a quorum present. If no quorum is present, as in accordance with law, a meeting cannot be held.  At a meeting lacking a quorum, if time and space allow, members may carry on a conversation of community awareness, but no association business can be conducted. Please be respectful of your neighbors varying opinions.
2020 Board Meeting Schedule: click here for PDF 
HOA Board Members: 
President, Tom Reagin
Vice President, Tim Boone 
Secretary/Treasurer, Christopher Cook
HOA Meeting Minutes:
March 5, 2020 (Annual)     
March 5, 2020    
Architectural Control Committee (ACC):
The Board of Directors appoints all Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and all other committee members.
If you would like to assist the HOA by serving on the Heritage Park Architectural Control Committee, please contact the management office or one of your Board of Directors.  Your help would be very much appreciated!
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